FAQ Topics: Settings

Synchronization of one account on two devices

Synchronization does not occur online. It occurs periodically. It does not imply simultaneous devices operation, but allows one device to receive changes made on another device.

To synchronize right now, you can trigger it on the main task screen by pulling the screen down.

To check you need:

  • Turn on the Internet
  • Enter a change in the application on the first device, for example, add a task
  • In the second device, open Listta, the main task screen
  • Pull the screen down, the arrow at the top will scroll — this means that the data has been received
  • Data will be synced

Customer Support

If you have any other questions as well as reviews and wishes regarding our app, you can contact us! We will be glad to help you!


In App settings menu, you may set the required parameters:

  • «Play notification sound»
  • «Play system sounds»
  • Select notification sounds

Counter Badges

You can monitor the number of open Tasks right at the screen of your smartphone!

There is a Task counter in App settings. You may set the required parameters of turn it off

Progress (colored circle around your avatar on the main screen)

This visual part is created to help you easily access your daily progress for completing the Tasks during the day and make a fast decision to improve your effectiveness.

Backup copy

  • Full backup copies of the database are created every hour and are stored for one month on our servers
  • When deleting an account, it will be deleted after 10 days without recovery possible
  • For this period, you may request the support to recover your account: info@listta.app

Adjust the time according to the time zone

  • The time will be adjusted in accordance with the time zone
  • Tasks notifications always activate by the local time. If you have a Task and its notification set at 8:00 am, then in any time zone it will activate at 8:00 am
  • And the Events are tied to the time zone in which you have created them. If an Event starts at 9:00 am Moscow time, it will be shown at 2:00 pm Singapore time.

App Settings

In App settings menu, you may set the required parameters:

  • Set the start of the week on the day you need
  • Select one of the 34 available languages
  • Set the time format: 12-hour or 24-hour system
  • Set the counter
  • Select notification sound

Change Account

  • Log In to your Profile
  • Select «Sign out of your account»
  • Enter required information to change your account

Why do I need an account?

Creating an account is a common practice for planning applications. There are considerable reasons for that:

  • When planning Tasks for the long run, calendaring and taking notes, data safety is of paramount importance. Account creation makes it possible for you to keep all your data on the server and to be sure to recover them if you lose your phone or accidently delete the app
  • An account enables you to access your tasks, events and notes from different devices
  • When it is possible to use an app without creating an account, you may skip this important step and later become upset about losing your data which you were accumulating for a long time