FAQ Topics: Notes Section

Pinning Notes

  • Select Notes tab
  • Find the Note you want to pin
  • Press 3 dots at the right and confirm the pinning
  • The Note will go up in the list

Adding a Note to the Project

  • Select Projects icon
  • Add the Note to the required Project
  • Save a Note

Editing a Note

  • Select Notes tab
  • Find the Note you want to edit
  • Click its name and an editable field will appear
  • After making changes, save the Note
  • The Note will be changed

Creating a Note

  • Select Notes tab
  • Press +
  • Set the name of the Note or type the information you need
  • Add a Project
  • Save a Note

Use of Notes Section

Use Notes section to conveniently store important information, lists, check-lists as well as spontaneous notes and recording your insights for the day:

  • logins and passwords
    • movies and books lists
    • project ideas
    • useful articles links
    • insights etc.

You may pin a Note to the project and collect notes to the themed folders for you convenience