FAQ Topics: Listta Pro.

Android refund

  • Go to https://play.google.com/store/account on your computer
  • Click «Order History»
  • Find an order
  • Click «Request a Refund»
  • Fill out the form and indicate that you want to receive a refund
  • A «Thank you, we have received your refund request» notification will pop up. You will then receive a letter informing you of your decision. Typically, a response will be received within 15 minutes, but in some cases it may take up to four business days

Cancel Android Subscription

  • Open the Google Play App
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the profile icon
  • Select Payments & Subscriptions
  • Find the subscription you want to cancel
  • Click Cancel Subscription
  • Follow instructions

iOS refund

  • Sign in to reportproblem.apple.com
  • Sign in with your Apple ID and password
  • Click «I need» and then select «Request a refund»
  • Select the reason why you want a refund and click «Next»
  • Select an app, subscription, or other item, and then click Submit

If you can’t submit a refund request on reportaproblem.apple.com

  • If the payment is pending, you will not be able to request a refund. Try to resubmit the request when the payment is made
  • If you have an unpaid order, you must pay for it before requesting a refund. You may need to update your billing information
  • If you do not know why the funds were debited, review the purchases of your family members. If you are in charge of family sharing, tap the Apple ID button, then select Everyone. Displays purchases paid using your shared payment method

Cancel an iOS subscription

  • Open the Settings app
  • Click your name
  • Click «Subscriptions»
  • Choose a subscription to manage
  • Click «Cancel Subscription»
  • Click «Confirm» in the pop-up window to confirm the cancellation

Free trial access

Every user has a seven-day free trial period of a paid Listta Pro subscription. By choosing any of the offered tariffs, you will automatically start the trial period. If you decide not to use a paid subscription after the trial period, you must disable it in your phone settings before the end of the seven days of the free trial period, otherwise the subscription cost will be automatically charged

If at the end of the free trial period you want to continue using a paid subscription, the funds will be automatically debited from your card in accordance with the tariff you have chosen

Listta Pro Subscription Cost

You can subscribe to Listta Pro directly in the app. You will have full access to the premium functions

To view subscription options in the app, tap Menu — Upgrade to Pro

We offer monthly, semi-annual and yearly subscription options. If you subscribe for six months or a year, the entire amount will be deducted immediately. If you do not cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription, it will be automatically renewed after the free trial period or the current subscription period in accordance with the chosen tariff


Functions included in the free version

The Listta application, being a personal assistant, will help you structure your life: do not forget about important events and meetings, complete tasks on time and keep all ideas and useful notes in one place

Our team continues to develop the application, making it even more useful and of high quality. Although Listta’s business model is based on a paid subscription, the main features of the application are available free of charge to all users

Here is what’s included in the free version:

Tasks Section

  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Tasks Description
  • Short Reminders
  • Date selection
  • Setting Task Recurrences
  • Project Assignment
  • Setting the Tasks Priority
  • Using two types of displaying Tasks (list and calendar)
  • Sort by name, reminder time, priority
  • Easily customise Task display by completion and projects

Events Section

  • Unlimited Events
  • Events Description
  • Short Reminders
  • Selecting the reminder time (at the time of the event, 5 minutes before, an hour before, etc.)
  • Date and time selection
  • Setting Event Recurrences
  • Project Assignment
  • Setting the Events Priority
  • Easily customise Events display by projects

Notes Section

  • Unlimited Notes
  • Unlimited Folders
  • Using Pinning Important Notes
  • Search Notes
  • Project Assignment

Projects Section

  • Installation 5 Projects
  • Setting Project names
  • Selection of Projects color
  • Work with Tasks, Notes and Events right inside projects


  • Name Changes
  • Setting a password

Support Service

What functions are included in a Listta Pro subscription

Subscribe to Listta Pro to get access to the extended Apps functionality and additional super functions:

  • No ads
  • Dark mode
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Long reminding melodies
  • Priority support